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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Open Letter to Honourable Mrs Sheila Bapoo, Minister of Social Security Mauritius

OPEN LETTER TO HONOURABLE SHEILA BAPPOO: The stand of the Ministry of Social Security of Mauritius is the main reason behind the constant discrimination and injustice I was and I am still subject because the Ministry failed to distinguish between a State’s responsibilities towards a disabled in relation to the United Nation Conventional Rights of People with Disabilities and the political agenda of a Government in power (The Labour Party Government). I am a victim of POLITICAL MANIPULATION BECAUSE THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN DISCRIMINATORY DECISIONS AGAINST ME ARE POLITICALLY PROTECTED BUT MY CONVENTIONAL DISABILITY RIGHTS MUST PREVAIL….I WILL NEVER BACK DOWN AND THE THREAT OF THE GREATEST HUNGER STRIKE IN MAURITIUS IS ON.  Through the National Policy Paper and Action Plan the State of Mauritius is supposed to intervene to protect my conventional rights through the Minister or Disability Unit of the Ministry of Social Security or the TEDPB and clearly not through (THE LABOUR PARTY GOVERNMENT).  As highlighted in my Legal Notice (Mise en Demeure—AS AVAILABLE ON MY BLOG) disability rights measures (I.e De-facto equality measures) are applied to other people who are NOT DISABLED but politically protected such as the current FIELD OFFICER who is now acting as special advisor of the Minister of Agro Industry who is himself very close to the Prime Minister.  The Equal Opportunities Act appears to be underway towards presidential assent but this law cannot be applied in retrospective, this imply that the law cannot be applied to breach that took place before it was enacted.  So far the Ministry of social Security did not intervene to protect my rights, instead they wrote a letter to the MSA signed by Mr Choytun to ask for a report on me when the same MSA misled parliament in my case as shown in my blog titled Why should a complete Conventional Disability Rights be implemented within our legal system in Mauritius? and available at
A humble request is hereby made to everybody including the public, the local and international media to help me vehicle the required information during the next six month before, during and after my hunger strike which will be broadcasted on YouTube, moreover local and international media will be invited to undertake the coverage.  I am asking the Minister and Ministry of Social Security three things:
(1)    Mauritius should ratify the Optional Protocol of the United Nation Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in order to allow Mauritians disabled to file case before the United Nations Commission in regard to the breach of their rights.
(2)    My Promotion to the post of Information Scientist and then to Information System Manager after the reform of the Mauritius Sugar Authority immediately or a transfer of my years of service to the MRA or EM as highlighted in my open  letter to the Minister below.
(3)    The implementation within the next six month of a national legislation that will bring home the rights enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Those who know me well are fully aware that I will never give up, and if in this quest something happened to me, it should be remembered that a valiant soul never dies and the fight for the implementation of disability rights and the need to drive out malevolent minds out of parliaments should go on and on forever so as to prevent a new bright mind or a new Mervyn Anthony of the disabled community to be victim of their evil actions again.  INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE: WHO KNOWS TODAY IT IS ME BUT TOMORROW IT MAY BE ONE OF YOU OR ONE OF THOSE CLOSE TO YOU, SO IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP THE TRUTH TO TRIUMPH.  JUST THINK WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE IN MY PLACE?  SO, LET JUSTICE BE DONE THOUGH THE HEAVEN THAT MAY FALL……..

Honourable Sheila Bapoo
Minister of Social Security and National Solidarity
Seeneevassen Bldg
Port Louis

Dear Madam,

With reference to my open letter to the Prime Minister on 22 August 2010 which was enhanced on 1st May 2011 to maximize visibility in relation to the tremendous injustices I have been subject at the Mauritius Sugar Authority (MSA) due to the breach of my Conventional Disability rights through “POLITICALLY PROTECTED DECISIONS” made by the MSA Management and MSA Board.  In fact I have been denied two promotions during my last eleven years in employment.  I have been discriminatively been denied accessibility to 100% sponsorship for my studies contrary to other officers and the payment of my additional incremental credits was malevolently delayed until the matter was taken to parliament and the MSA was forced to pay me under pressure after years of delay that management failed to justify.

In regards to the first promotion to the post of Executive Officer which I have been denied in spite of my competencies and qualifications the injustices were tremendous since I have been officially ask for fifteen years of services in order to be eligible for this post. I was by far the most qualified and competent officer of the MSA to handle the revitalization of the documentation department of the MSA with the implementation of an up to date Information System within the central strategic operations which would have been highly beneficial to all the stakeholders of the sugar industry.  Today the MSA is still operating in a bureaucratic mode of paper operations without an integrated and effective Information System due to the lack of competence of those who are handling senior management issues.  After being unjustly denied my first promotion, I officially asked to be promoted to the vacant post of Information Scientist which was again denied to me in spite of my expertise in the field of the Information Systems within the Sugar Industry. 

In spite of the fact that the MSA was going “ULTRA VIRES” with the constant breach of my right and ahead of all in spite of the fact that the MSA misled parliament in relation to the post highlighted in my blog, the Ministry of Social Security asked the MSA for a report on me in a letter signed by Mr Choytun.  Instead of defending me and protecting my Conventional Rights through the National Action Plan, the Ministry asked for a report on me from an organization who had the gut to mislead parliament due to the fact that the decision makers of the MSA are clearly politically protected and are acting like though they own my rights with their stand which reflects GOUVERNEMENT DAN NOU LA MAIN. You are kindly requested to take note that all my blog posts highlighting the injustices I was subject at the MSA are attached in the binded document herewith for your attention and comprise of the following title:

Kindly note that in my quest for justices my blogs are marketed constantly online day in and day out.  I am hereby attracting your attention that I am very seriously planning for a HUNGER STRIKE with high international coverage at the mid of 2012 or even before depending on the stand of your Ministry and that of the Training and Employment of Disabled Persons Board.  Your attention is hereby attracted on the fact that this is a public commitment proof and due to my physical disability I will probably not be able to hold for more than one week.  You must be aware that “the disabled citizen Mervyn Anthony is a symbol in himself” and as a disability activist of the light I will never back down and even if doctors ask me to give up, once the hunger strike starts I will never give up and my soul will never die anyway.  You are hereby requested to intervene promptly to solve the problem regarding my immediate promotion to a senior management position as Information System Manager at the Mauritius Sugar Authority or a transfer to the Mauritius Revenue Authority for the vacant position of Team Leader (HR and Training) or that of Sector Manager at Enterprise Mauritius which I applied for and I am very qualified and competent to meet the requirements to handle the tasks attached to one of these senior management jobs.  In regard to the MRA and the EM which are Equal Opportunity Employers, your Ministry can intervene on the basis of the National Policy Paper and Action Plan on Disability to support my right of access to DE-FACTO EQUALITY MEASURES which are positive discrimination measures for my accessibility to one of these jobs.  This is necessary because due to my disability I am very often disadvantaged during the first job screening process where I am automatically eliminated because I am often told that I don’t fill the criteria of the selected profile as a mean to get rid of me.  My disability should by no mean make me inferior to the selected criteria to jobs for which I possess the qualifications, skills and competencies to emerge as a brilliant performer.  The hunger strike may start sooner than planned if your Ministry, the Training and Employment of Disabled Persons Board fail to do the needful in due course for my right of accessibility to a Senior Management position to be respected by these parastatal bodies. 

The online marketing of my blog will go on and on till the start of the hunger strike and I am currently recruiting benevolent to help me spread the NEWS online within and beyond Mauritius via Facebook, YouTube, Hi5, Twitter and the local and international media. To view my blog online you may wish to click the link below:
Should you wish to contact me, I can be reached via my email address at: or via sms on (230) 7732572.

Yours Faithfully

Mervyn Anthony CM, PgtDip,MBA

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